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The Tata Xenon SC 2.2L has already won the total economy run for its class. This single cab is considered to be a farmer's best friend.

Sturdy, powerful and hardworking, the new Xenon SC 2.2L, performs naturally. This vehicle is perfect for those on a holiday too, especially when you want to carry the surfboard and head to the beach.

The Xenon 2.2 litre SC (Single Cab) has an aggressive appearance and is a strong and rugged vehicle. This durable and strong vehicle is everything you need when it comes to a commercial vehicle. It has excellent safety, is fuel efficient and offers a great performance, on and off road. Good off road capabilities, with a limited slip differential (LSD) and high ground clearance are some of the other features of this vehicle. Xenon SC 2.2L comes with enhances safety with crumple zones and a three layered body construction for safety. Good power and torque to carry loads and a towing capacity of 750kg of un-braked and 2000kg of braked trailed weight. Load bin is double reinforced. This vehicle has good control and handling thanks to strong rear suspension and limited slip differential (LSD). The stylish, elegant and hardy Xenon SC 2.2L is truly a treat to your eyes.
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